Reveals Deep New Discounts on Dozens of Self-Defense Products


JACKSON, Tenn. —, a leading online retailer of carefully selected self-defense products, announced a major new sale on dozens of items. Visitors to will find many of the most company’s most popular products discounted by 75% or more, with even greater savings available to those who buy several of certain items. For more than fourteen years, has sorted through the thousands of self-defense products available on the market to bring only the best to customers, making it one of the most reliable and highly regarded companies of its kind.

“We always work hard to bring the lowest possible prices to our customers while preserving the levels of product quality and service that have made us so successful,” representative Harry Gatsch said, “Every so often, we decide to clear out certain brand-new, highly effective items to make room for others. With a whole new round of clearance discounts and special offers having just gone up in the sale section of our website, we think everyone interested in effective self defense is going to want to have a look.”

Even as crime rates have dropped, many more Americans than in the past take proactive stances about protecting themselves and their loved ones. In some cases, that can mean owning and training to use a firearm, but other means of self-defense are probably even more popular and common.

For over fourteen years, has been a top source for those looking for self-defense products like pepper spray, collapsible batons, tactical flashlights, knives, TASERs, and other items. With an insistence on carrying only those items that have proved to be functional and effective for self defense, the operators of have served over 170,000 customers, including many experienced members of federal and state law enforcement agencies and the military.

With over 1100 rigorously tested products to choose from, customers enjoy easy access to the whole range of self-defense options, from a wide variety of less-than-lethal options to some that are intended to apply deadly force. Top name brands include Fox Labs, Defense Technology, ASP, Streetwise, and Southord. In addition to stocking such a wide selection of well vetted, top quality goods, also maintains the highest levels of customer service, as by shipping 96% of orders placed before 1 p.m. Central Time the same business day.

With dozens of popular, highly effective items now on sale in a dedicated section at, those interested in equipping themselves or their loved ones for self-defense have an especially affordable opportunity to do so. Visitors to the site will also enjoy the everyday low pricing on more than a thousand other products that are in stock and ready to ship.

Carrying only the most effective and well-designed products and refusing all others, is the leading online source for self-defense tools like pepper spray, stun guns, flashlights, knives, and more.


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Personal Injury Protection Claims After a Car Accident

If you live in a state where no-fault law applies, you may have heard of personal injury protection (PIP) claims. Florida, Utah, New York, Michigan, and Hawaii are among the states that uphold the no-fault law. With no fault laws, the parties involved in an accident seek compensation from their insurance companies. Here, it doesn’t matter who caused the accident; compensation is offered by the insurance company to their respective clients. For instance, if you are injured in an accident at the workplace, you will have to seek compensation from your insurance company rather than your employer.

Depending on your state, there may be a limit on how much the insurance company can offer as compensation. In some states, there is no limit on how much compensation can be given to a victim of an accident. The no fault rule applies in different types of cases, including car accidents, workplace accidents, product liability accidents among others. You should hire an experienced personal injury lawyer that understands the laws of your state.

Understanding How PIP Works
The claim you make against your insurance company to get compensated for your lost income or medical expenses is known as PIP. In some states, a lawyer can file a claim with your insurance company and it can be paid out in full. However, there may be a limit on how much the insurance company can pay in some states. When the insurance company pays up to the limit required in the state, you will have to step in and pay for the remainder of the losses from your own pocket.

There are some rare circumstances when your attorney will be allowed to file a claim against the person responsible for your injuries. For example, if the injuries you sustained are way more serious and the damages you incurred are very high than what the state provided limit, your lawyer can pursue compensation from the party responsible for your injuries.

Tips on Working with Your Insurer
There are some requirements you must meet before filing a claim with your insurance company. For instance, your insurer may require that you give a recorded statement regarding the events leading up the accident. The insurance company may want to have their own medical expert conduct a physical examination on you to confirm the injuries you are claiming for compensation. Another thing that may be required is the details of your losses.

Your personal injury lawyer will advise you on what to do with these requirements from the insurance company. To be compensated for your losses, you have to cooperated as much as possible with the insurance company. Failure to cooperate with the insurance company can lead to your benefits being denied.

The above is how you can file a PIP claim.


A 10-Point Plan for Solutions (Without Being Overwhelmed)

The Law and Military Leave

The legal profession is very complicated subject that requires years of preparation to understand fully. Military members are often at a disadvantage in legal situations because of their commitment to our nation that often require them to leave their civilian jobs behind and fulfill their military obligations, usually for months at a time. The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA) is meant to ensure that your civilian career doesn’t suffer because of your military service.

Employers are required to grant you military leave, and then to guarantee your reemployment upon your return. USERRA also ensures that you are reemployed at a level commensurate with the level of employment when you departed or military service. USERRA also states that military members are not to be discriminated against when they return from military service, and prevents your employer from firing you without cause within one year of employment. Veterans that are injured because of their military service are protected from discrimination in the workplace, and it ensures your employer accommodates your disability within reason. The law ensures your equal treatment when you return from military service.

Military Discrimination is a Real Problem

Without knowing it, many of us face discrimination in the workplace on a daily basis, but many of us don’t do anything about it. Obvious examples of workplace discrimination include being denied a promotion, demoted, fired because you served in the military. But, there are also more insidious examples such as your boss treating others that have not served in the military more favorably than you, or upon your return your employer rehires you in a job with less pay, benefits, or seniority. Coworkers discriminating against you because of your military service is against the law. Contacting an attorney is important if you believe that you have experienced discrimination because of your service in the military.

Countering Discrimination in the Workplace

Aside from federal law, state laws also govern discrimination due to military service. Employment and labor laws are areas of practice that include military discrimination, and you should contact an attorney if you feel your rights have been violated.

USERRA also covers any training you must have as part of your military duties as a Reservist or National Guard. Although, certain conditions must be met if you are to be protected under USERRA such as ensuring your employer has advanced notice of your deployment, your total leave cannot exceed five years, and you must resume employment within the time frame determined by your service. Your service to our nation should never be the cause of discrimination at work, school, or any other aspect of your civilian life. Discrimination should never be tolerated and those that discriminate against others, and especially against service members, should be held accountable.


Remington & Dixon Launches New Family and Criminal Law Site for N.C. Residents


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Remington & Dixon, PLLC, a law firm in Charlotte, NC, launched a brand-new website packed full of information about the legal matters that most commonly affect residents of North Carolina. Visitors to the new site will find a wealth of useful information concerning Family Law matters like divorce, child custody, estate planning, and adoption, issues that those who live in North Carolina deal with on a regular basis. The new site also includes similarly valuable overviews of a host of Criminal Law topics, including assault and drug possession, larceny, and other common charges.

“Many people default to thinking of the law as a relatively distant thing that need not concern them much,” Remington & Dixon co-founding partner Jennifer Dixon said, “In reality, our legal system impacts the everyday lives of North Carolina residents on a regular basis. Our new site is designed to demystify the legal issues that people in our state are most regularly confronted with. We hope thereby to empower our readers and give them a better idea as to their options.”

Even with divorce having long since become a common part of life throughout the rest of the country, North Carolina stands out. The state’s rate of 3.8 divorces per 100,000 inhabitants clocks in more than 10 percent above the countrywide average, according to the Vital Statistics System of the federal Centers for Disease Control, even though North Carolina’s marriage rate is a little lower than the national norm.

People living in North Carolina are therefore quite a bit more likely than those elsewhere in the United States to come face to face with the laws governing divorce, child custody and support, division of property, and other family law matters. While the counsel and representation of an experienced attorney are always valuable, understanding the issues in a personal, basic way can make the process much easier on those who are forced to go through a divorce.

The same idea holds for the criminal-law matters that North Carolinians commonly find themselves facing down. The new Remington and Dixon PLLC website was designed to provide accessible, concise, helpful information that anyone, regardless of background, can understand. The new site will therefore prove to be a valuable resource for people throughout North Carolina who can benefit from greater familiarity with the state’s laws and legal system.  In addition to learning more about the legal issues that are most likely to affect them, site visitors can also find out how to schedule free, confidential consultations with the firm’s lawyers.

About Remington & Dixon, PLLC:
Taking responsibility for the legal challenges of those who need help and always striving for the best possible outcomes, the attorneys of Remington & Dixon, PLLC, provide honest case evaluations, work for affordable fees, and give every client the most vigorous possible representation.

Media Contact:
K. Brandon Remington and Jennifer Dixon
Charlotte, NC 28203
Telephone: (704) 817-9050


De Bruin Law Firm Launches New Website Providing Education On Legal Topics


(Greenville, SC)—Whether it’s a criminal trial or a civil litigation matter, having quality legal representation is key in any case. Not only will an attorney use their knowledge of the law to fight for their client’s rights, but they’ll also thoroughly educate their client on what they need to know about the legal process. Consequently, having help from an attorney can significantly increase a person’s chance of getting a favorable outcome.

It is with this in mind that De Bruin Law Firm is announcing the launch of their new website. The purpose of this new site is to educate South Carolina citizens about the laws surrounding estate planning, criminal defense, criminal domestic violence, drug defense, real estate and business matters. The site will have information, articles, and videos related to these types of cases as well as other areas.

Aaron De Bruin, one of the experienced attorneys at the helm of the firm, stated “Our mission is to take care of our clients in the best possible way. We realize that one of the most important things we can do for them is to educate them on how to handle the circumstances that pertain to their case. That is exactly what our new website aims to do. The information they will find there covers all areas of the law in which we practice, which includes a myriad of things from business to real estate to criminal law.”

As De Bruin continues, “We realize that the legal arena can quickly become overwhelming and confusing. We believe that this new website will help clarify some important information for our clients. We want to help them understand the legal options they have and encourage them to pursue what is rightfully theirs with the help of a qualified attorney. We’re bringing all of our knowledge and experience to the table for the sake of our clients in an effort to help them win.”

Whether we’re dealing with a domestic violence case or helping a family with an estate planning issue, we want to make sure we’re there for our clients every step of the way. The new De Bruin Law Firm website will be one way that we can continue to assist the people of Greenville around the clock.”

Visit to learn more about De Bruin Law Firm and see what their new website has to offer.

About De Bruin Law Firm:

The De Bruin Law Firm is a full-service law firm dedicated to serving its clients in a multitude of legal issues. The experienced De Bruin Law Firm team is dedicated to creating a firm that can offer a wide variety of legal insight to its clients. With Gary De Bruin’s twenty-plus years of experience in corporate law, employment law, business planning and business transactions, Aaron De Bruin’s litigation experience as a former prosecutor, and Bryan De Bruin’s experience in real estate and business transactions with a hands-on customer service approach to every real property and refinance closing he does, clients of the firm are provided with an extensive range of legal services in areas of Business Law, Estate Planning, and Criminal Defense.

Media Contact:

Aaron De Bruin
Greenville, SC 29601
Telephone: (864) 982-5930


Chester Law Group Launches New Personal Injury Site for Ohioans


AKRON, Ohio — The Chester Law Group, one of the state’s leading personal injury practices, launched an informative new website at Aimed at those who have suffered injuries owing to the negligence of others, the new website contains all the information needed to help someone move forward with a claim. With offices spread throughout Ohio, the Chester Law Group regularly helps residents obtain the compensation they are owed, and the new website includes a wealth of helpful information, videos, and other resources that will be of great value to visitors.

“We’re happy to announce the launch of our new personal injury website,” Chester Law Group CEO and lawyer David M. Chester said, “Too many people are still being harmed through the fault of others in Ohio, and we are committed to seeing that they receive the compensation they deserve and need. Our new website lays out the facts about personal injury cases in clear, useful ways, making it much easier than in the past for residents of Ohio to understand their rights and what to do next after they suffer an injury.”

According to the National Safety Council, millions of Americans are seriously injured in accidents and the like every year, with a substantial proportion of these incidents leaving their victims temporarily or permanently disabled. Although many of these cases afflict Ohioans with injuries that require expensive medical care or even greater burdens, some fail to seek out the compensation they are owed, with a lack of familiarity with the legal system and feelings of intimidation being common.

With a total of 19 offices in Ohio, including the firm’s headquarters in Akron, the Chester Law Group is one of the most consistently successful sources of assistance for those who are injured. Having won multiple million-plus-dollar settlements and helped thousands of Ohio residents secure the compensation they were owed, the firm continues to make a positive difference for people throughout the state, always striving to make things right and minimize the damage done by the negligence of others.

More people in Ohio will now benefit from the firm’s mission and collective experience, thanks to the launch of the brand new Chester Law Group site at Designed from the ground up to include the information that might be needed after a car accident or other event that results in personal injury, the site includes a rich collection of articles, video guides, free DVD offers, and more. The new site is now online and serving visitors, and users may also arrange for free consultations with Chester Law Group regarding their own cases.

About Chester Law Group:

As one of Ohio’s highly regarded personal injury practices, the Chester Law Group helps those injured through the negligence of others secure the compensation they are entitled to, always fighting vigorously to safeguard the best interests of clients.

Media Contact:

David Chester

430 White Pond Dr

Akron, Ohio 44320

Telephone: 844.853.7373


Wade Law Offices Launches a New Educational Website


(Fayetteville, GA) Wade Law Offices announces the launch of a new educational website. The website serves to educate Georgia residents about Car Accidents and personal injury claims. Visitors learn the process of filing a claim and what they should do following an accident though the information, articles and blogs presented on the site. Drivers in the state of Georgia need to visit the site today to ensure they have this information in the event they are involved in a collision of any type, as once the accident occurs it may be too late.

“According to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in Georgia, 116,458 individuals were injured in a car accident in the state of Georgia in 2013, and another 1,179 were killed. People cannot be too careful while out on the road, yet they also cannot control the actions of others. For this reason, every person who drives or rides in a motor vehicle in the state must know what needs to be done following an accident and what steps they need to take should they be injured,” Jonathan Wade of Wade Law Offices explains.

First and foremost, individuals need to seek medical attention. Although a person may appear unharmed following the accident, injuries can show themselves days or weeks later. For this reason, every person needs to see a doctor immediately and follow up if problems do appear in the future.

“This is only the first step of the process, and there are numerous others. Individuals often overlook this one, however, believing they are fine. When the problems arise down the road, they may blame it on something else. Be sure the person responsible for the accident is held accountable. See a doctor right away, so they are involved in this care from the start,” Wade continues.

Pictures also need to be taken and expenses documented. The key to tracking expenses is to write down anything that is the result of the accident. For example, if injuries prevent a person from mowing the lawn and they must call in a service to handle this task, it needs to be documented, as the money spent may be recoverable. An experienced attorney knows this and works with the client to explain the steps to be taken in further detail.

“To learn more, individuals should visit the site today. Knowledge is powerful, especially when dealing with a situation of this type. One wrong word or sentence and a person could find they are blamed for something they didn’t do. Read over the site today and feel free to print off any items that may be of help. Keep them in the car or in a wallet so they are handy at all times. You cannot be too careful in this situation, and our site is designed to ensure you have the information you want and need at a critical time,” Wade declares.

About Wade Law Offices:

Wade Law Offices assists clients with civil and business litigation matters, including automobile accidents. The firm provides quality help and builds relationships with their clients to ensure customer satisfaction second to none.


Jonathan Wade
101 Devant Street Suite 201, Fayetteville, GA 30214


The Law Office of Jesse Hernandez Launches New Car Accident And Injury Website


(San Antonio, TX)—The Texas Department of Transportation reports that there were 237,941 people injured in auto accidents in 2014 alone. Of those injuries, 17,152 people reported serious injuries. Unfortunately, Texas did not go even one day in 2014 without a roadway fatality occurring.

It is with these statistics in mind that The Law Office of Jesse Hernandez is announcing the launch of their new car accident and personal injury website. The purpose of this new site is to educate the citizens of San Antonio on the law pertaining to car accidents and personal injury cases and help them understand the process of filing claims for these types of incidents.

Jesse Hernandez, the attorney at the head of this law firm, stated “Auto accidents and personal injury cases are on the rise in Texas. It’s important for the people of San Antonio and those around the state to know that they do have recourse to recover their damages should they ever sustain injuries due to someone else’s carelessness or neglect. With the launch of our new website, they’ll never wonder what their options are. The site aims to fully educate victims on how to take legal action.”

Hernandez goes on to say, “We know that the law surrounding auto accidents and personal injury cases can seem a little tricky. There’s so much more involved than just showing up to court with obvious injuries. The burden of proof is on the victim, and it’s vital that they have the legal help they need to build a solid case. Our site will show them what that means and help them understand why having a personal injury or Auto Accident Lawyer is key in every case.”

“We’re here to serve the citizens of San Antonio. We’ve made the information on our website available in both English and Spanish. We offer a Free Consultation so that we can figure out how to best help our clients. For those who choose us to represent them, we stand with them throughout every phase of the case. We want them to rest assured that they have someone on their side fighting for justice on their behalf.”

About The Law Office of Jesse Hernandez:

Jesse Hernandez is an auto accident and injury attorney with extensive training and experience in many areas of the law, including criminal defense, divorce, child custody disputes, wills, business law, document drafting and crisis resolution. As a graduate of St. Mary’s University School Of Law, Jesse Hernandez is always looking for new and challenging legal issues to resolve. For those who have found themselves in a legal crisis, Jesse urges them not to hesitate to call and set up an appointment to meet with him. Initial consultations are always free and payment plans may be available depending on the case.

Media Contact:

Jesse Hernandez
San Antonio, TX 78211
Telephone: (210) 307-4400


Local DUI Attorney John Bateman Teaches Course on DWI Detection


(Greenville, SC)–Certainly no one will argue DUI is a serious problem in today’s society and should be dealt with appropriately, however, the standardized field sobriety tests used to determine a person’s intoxication level have come under attack for their lack of accuracy in determining an accused’s sobriety. According to a recent experiment conducted by Dr. Spurgeon Cole of Clemson University, 14 officers were shown video tapes of subjects taking six common sobriety tests to determine which had consumed too much to drink and drive. On average, the officers determined 46% of of the subjects were legally intoxicated; in fact, 0 were.

With these glaring errors in mind, DUI Attorney John Bateman is now teaching a continuing legal education course on “DWI Detection & Standard Field Sobriety Test (SFST)”. According to Bateman, the course is sorely needed by attorneys to help them overcome tests which truly have little to no scientific basis. Bateman states student will learn how officers are trained to administer and interpret Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, Walk & Turn, and the One Leg Stand. Additionally, two live alcohol workshops are conducted, so the participants will be able to administer the SFST, as well as observe true physical reactions.

Says Bateman, “The accused driver is understandably nervous and tired when pulled over and forced to perform three tasks which amount to one medical diagnosis by an unlicensed physician and two balance tricks. Unsurprisingly, drivers often do not perform up to NHTSA standards, resulting in DUI charges. There are very serious consequences to DUI, right from the very beginning, both personally, legally and professionally to an individual, so it’s important for attorneys to Learn More about the tests affecting their clients, allowing for a thorough and complete representation.”

Bateman goes on to explain, “Police officers are simply not trained in physiology, pharmacology or drug interactions. Instead, all they look for are specific common symptoms like features of the eyes, slurred speech and balance problems. There should be far more scientific methods from which to base a DUI charge that could alter the course of a person’s life.”

About Bateman Law Firm:

As a former Army JAG prosecutor, John Bateman is experienced prosecuting criminal conduct at court-martials at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  John was also sworn as a Special Assistant United States Attorney and was tasked with trying civilian traffic offenses including DUI, DUS, and speeding tickets in federal district court. Since opening his own practice, he has aggressively fought to bring cutting edge DUI defense techniques to his clients, and in many cases in many circumstances, has had more training on DUI enforcement than the arresting officer on a case, and he can bring that experience to his client’s defense.

Media Contact

John Bateman
Greenville, SC 29601
Telephone: 864-406-6036


The Bader Law Firm Unveils New Website To Educate Georgia Workers About Injuries


(Atlanta, GA)—According to the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation, there were 140,216 workers’ compensation claims filed during the 2014 calendar year. 39,899 of those cases were indemnity claims in which a worker was permanently injured or could not return to work until the injury healed. Over 1 billion dollars in benefits were paid out to Georgia workers in 2014 as a result of both indemnity and medical-only claims.

In light of this revelation, The Bader Law Firm, a team of workers’ compensation attorneys based in Atlanta, is unveiling their new website. The site aims to provide education to workers about on-the-job injuries. It will feature information, articles, and videos related to the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim and help workers understand what steps they need to take if they are injured on the job.

Seth Bader, the Workers Compensation Attorney at the helm of the firm, stated “Getting hurt on the job can be a scary thing for both the employee and their family. This is especially true if the injury results in lost wages or the need for costly medical treatment. Our new website helps to guide Georgia residents through the process of getting what they need to cushion the financial blow that work-related injuries can cause.”

As Bader continues, “Our firm is laser-focused on workers’ compensation law. We don’t handle any other types of cases. As a result, our team has garnered an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of this area of law, and we want to pass on that knowledge to Georgia workers through our new website. The information they’ll find there will help them navigate the claims process and give them a glimpse of what we can do to help them fight for the money they deserve.”

“The content on our website is available in both English and Spanish so that we can help as many Georgia workers as possible. We want them to know that they do have rights and that they don’t have to face big insurance companies or their employers alone. We’re here to help throughout the duration of our clients’ cases.”

Read More about what The Bader Law Firm has to offer and see their new website at

About The Bader Law Firm:

The vision and mission of The Bader Law Firm is centered around outstanding results, personalized attention, and uncompromising integrity. Their attorneys exclusively handle workers’ compensation cases, which means they’ve garnered an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of this area of law and a deep understanding of the impact that a work-related injury has on an injured worker and their family. Bader attorneys have the background, skill sets, and grit necessary to resolve even the toughest case, and they vow to handle each client’s case with the utmost integrity and determination.

Media Contact:

Seth Bader
Atlanta, GA 30326
Telephone: (404) 888-8888